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Sustainability insights

Our sustai​nable development and carbon reduction projects cover a range of different industries and global markets.

We’ve delivered a vast range of sustainable development and carbon reduction projects across hugely different industries and global markets.

The clean technologies we use include industrial energy efficiency, waste gas and heat to power, small-scale wind and hydro as well as biomass and biofuels.

In an advisory capacity, our work has covered forestry and land use change, sustainable development, strategic policy, energy and resource management, emissions assessment and carbon management.

Papers / briefing notes

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What next after ESOS

The vast majority of qualifying companies have now successfully complied with ESOS. For a number of organisations this means that ESOS can be boxed away and not given another thought for the next three or four years. However, for many organisations whose senior management will have been presented with a list of cost effective energy saving opportunities this could mark the start of a journey to realise these savings.

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Carbon along the supply chain

Assessing GHG emissions along the supply chain is becoming essential for any business that is serious about climate change. Verco’s policy expert Neal Mehta spoke about supply chain risks at Carbon Expo in Cologne, 30 May 2014.

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The heat is on: A global price for the capture and storage of King Coal

Carbon Expo 2014 saw the launch of Verco’s latest thought-leadership piece, exploring the need for a global agreement on a price of carbon. In order to avoid an increase in global average temperatures of two degrees centigrade, carbon dioxide emissions from a significant proportion of fossil fuel reserves cannot be allowed into our atmosphere. Of all the fossil fuels, coal is the dirtiest. Yet it is the most abundant, and also the cheapest to extract, transport and burn.

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Energy Performance Contracts

Energy Performance Contracts (or EnPCs for short) are an excellent way for both Public Sector and Private Sector businesses to remove the requirement to have in-house staff managing energy consumption and driving energy performance, cost reduction and environmental improvements.

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GIB community renewables

The case for the Green Investment Bank (GIB) to invest in financing community renewable energy projects.

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FutureFit financial report

FutureFit is Affinity Sutton’s flagship project that aims to provide unique insights into how the Green Deal could work in social housing.

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Energy Bill Revolution

Ground-breaking research by Camco for the Energy Bill Revolution Campaign shows that the recycling of carbon revenues into domestic energy efficiency could quadruple the carbon emissions savings and number of jobs supported in the building sector compared with the Green Deal and ECO alone

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UK public sector abatement

Across the public sector estate in England, an investment of £1.7bn for cost-effective carbon reduction could deliver carbon savings of 21MtCO2e and cost savings of £4.9bn over the lifetime of the measures

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Trading scheme design

Countries around the world are realising that much can be learned from previous policy experience

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Energy efficiency in India

EE investment incentives could transform the relationship between growth and greenhouse gas emissions

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