Large Department Store and Food Retailer

Advice on long-term target setting and production of scenario modelling tools to examine the impact of future initiatives.

A major UK retailer with presence in both department stores and food retail.


  • Deliver an industry leading environmental reporting programme.
  • Track progress against targets.


  • Verco manages all aspects of the monthly carbon and waste reporting programmes, from data collection through validation and processing to reports generation.
  • Working closely with all stakeholders, we developed a robust data governance framework that ensures accuracy, consistency and efficiency.
  • All the data is uploaded monthly into our proprietary cloud-based platform Carbon Desktop. Wherever possible, we use bespoke tools to process raw data from existing systems, minimising additional reporting burdens on teams providing data and removing errors from data manipulation.
  • We provide ongoing verification services to ensure that the systems and processes used internally by the reporting teams continue to be sound.
  • To track progress against targets, we developed a scenario modelling tool to forecast the impact of planned interventions and expected operational changes.


Exceptional performance insights which result in high quality reporting and excellent feedback at year end from external auditors.