For further details and more practical considerations for decarbonising heat, click here: https://t.co/xB3PT2Wt6H… https://t.co/slN05bK4wJ


This webinar will give you an introduction to the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting: what is needed and advic… https://t.co/RSM6jCgdHT


This 2 minute video gives an overview of SBTi. For a more detailed webinar on this topic, visit:… https://t.co/ziDKJ5brgj


Volunteering day at Brockholes

The 4th year returning to Brockholes, a 250 acre nature reserve, where Verco’s team recycled woodland into natural viewpoints. Read


Software for zero

Watch walkthrough videos of our software products: Reduct and Carbon Desktop. Read


Webinar: Pathways to net zero buildings

The drive towards ‘Net Zero’ is now an urgent call to action for governments and businesses. The promises made at COP26 now need to be swiftly transformed into action. Read


The SBTI’s Net Zero Standard - implications for corporates

The Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) have now launched the first science-based global standard for corporate net zero targets. Companies will be able have their net zero targets validated under the new standard from early 2022. This article summarises the main points and implications for companies interested in SBTI’s Net Zero designation. Read


Verco explains: Net zero initiatives

There are many net zero initiatives but how do they differ and which is the right option for your business? Ali Ahmed describes the basics of these key initiatives in 1-2 minute videos to give you and your team an introduction. Read


Verco explains: Net zero terminology

A series of on-demand webinars in which we talk about the important net zero themes, with informative and easy to digest 10-15 minute presentations. Read


Webinar: SECR introduction

This on-demand webinar will give you an introduction to what is needed for the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) scheme and provide advice for how you can ensure compliance in a way that is most time efficient and benefits your business. Read


Net Zero: Time to consolidate and act

Andries van der Walt, Director (Real Estate) considers the net zero carbon revolution unfolding across the global real estate industry, the challenges faced and the 'no-regrets' actions for property owners and investors to help protect their assets. Read


Map the right fit for decarbonising heat in your building

Our heat mapper turns the complexity of decarbonising heat in buildings into well informed options- mapping the viable low carbon alternatives to existing HVAC systems and providing expert advice on important considerations. The Heat mapper is now updated with details on cost and carbon savings for the HVAC alternatives, showing you the best routes to follow. Read


Tips to meet your net zero carbon commitment- An example from the printing sector

The surge of Net Zero Carbon commitments is now well underway in the Corporate sector with businesses committing to action plans and targets well before the middle of the century. This article shares some useful tips and insights for the journey to net zero, illustrated using an example of some of our recent work in the printing sector. Read


Be part of a company that is making an impact

Leaders in their sectors are taking on the net zero mantle, setting serious targets, strategies and truly making a difference. We have many opportunities for engineers and energy experts who are looking for a flexible working environment where they will be challenged and rewarded. Read


Estates Gazette podcast: Why the route to net zero is not a straight line

We have recently created a podcast with Estates Gazette BNP Paribas, Derwent and Max Fordham.  In this podcast we discuss some of the scenarios that could see a shift in the path to net zero. We talk about what real estate needs to do to be able to react quickly and how the sector can learn from and work with other industries to navigate the ever-changing environment of sustainability. Read


Government requires companies to commit to net zero to bid for contracts over £5m

The Cabinet Office has recently launched guidance in the form of a Public Policy Note (PPN 06/211) and related guidance on taking account of Carbon Reduction Plans in the procurement of major government contracts. It applies to all Central Government Departments, their Executive Agencies and Non-Departmental Public Bodies, where the value of services is anticipated to exceed £5m per annum. It comes into effect from 30 September 2021. Read


Calling all real estate investors, managers and occupiers: your views sought in survey for Investment Property Forum on net zero

The IPF research aims to provide investors, investment managers, occupiers and other market stakeholders with insights on the challenges and enablers in achieving net zero and the applicability of the wide range of net zero carbon frameworks available today. To inform this research we are very keen to hear from those involved in real estate investment internationally. Read