Looking forward to speaking at the @REthermal projects working group launch on 20th April, 11.00-12.00 alongside Bl… https://t.co/9rF2An4KQo


Proud to be part of the Retrofit: Commercial task group to work through the decarbonising implications and develop… https://t.co/j4YBvnCcu2


Verco’s Ben Ross will be hosting some round table discussions at Your environmental impact: energy and buildings. w… https://t.co/tCqbRWuqIH


Verco helps ICAEW to become carbon neutral

Verco are delighted to have been a part of ICAEW’s journey in becoming carbon neutral. In doing so, ICAEW are taking a leading stance in demonstrating how financial institutions can decarbonise their activities and responsibly use carefully selected carbon offsets. Read


Verco hosts the Renewable Thermal Group

Achieving net zero for companies with significant industrial heating loads is a major challenge and one that we are helping clients to tackle. We have established a Renewable Thermal Group to help organisations to collaborate, share knowledge and make tangible progress in this area which has so many questions. Read


Science-based targets and the net zero movement: marriage of the century?

The Science Based Targets Initiative have this week published a new paper providing the foundations for science-based corporate net zero targets. For those who have been following the evolving rulebook around science-based targets and the move to net zero in recent years, this paper finally provides a basis for these two tricky areas to align. Read


Accelerate your energy savings with fast, cost-effective data integration

It is common knowledge that you can’t reduce what you can’t measure. It is also common knowledge that most decision makers in industry don’t immediately see a return on investment by installing energy data management systems, despite abundant evidence of success from their business peers. The conundrum is that this requires a lot of time and resources and upfront costs to get the system going, and business commitment to make it work in the longer term. Read


Here to help you achieve zero (safely)

As the lockdown measures for COVID-19 loosen, we are working to ensure our staff and clients remain safe and that no one is put at unnecessary risk. Now that lockdown is easing, we are delighted to be able to get back on site and working with our clients face-to-face where this is required. Read


Act now! IET Government funding

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) competition launches on the 20th of July 2020. The programme will initially provide up to £30 million matched funding (Phase 1) and over £300m in total for feasibility studies, engineering studies and demonstration projects in England, Wales and NI. Industries with significant heating and/ or cooling processes are likely to be good candidates for funding. Read


Is your industrial Energy Management System fit for zero?

A quick, simple guide for group and site managers on BEMS and M&T systems. Effective energy management and improvement requires access to good quality data. Many businesses in industry are not clear when deciding which system to use to effectively manage, track, report and improve utility consumption and cost. Also, often group and site managers inherit legacy systems at varying maturity levels and state of operation. In this article we explain the main attributes, uses and applicability of Building Energy Management Systems (BMS) and Monitoring and Targeting systems (M&T). Read


Verco joins UKGBC Task Group on Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsetting.

Verco Technical Director Tim Crozier-Cole is a member the Task Group working to define a robust set principles and guidelines under the UKGBC’s Advancing Net Zero Programme. While it is being developed with net zero buildings in mind, it should be useful for any organisation looking for guidance in this area as part of a net zero carbon strategy. Read


CRREM consultation response from Verco

In April 2020 the EU-funded Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) project published a set of carbon and energy reduction pathways. In this consultation response from Verco, we outline our reflections on the CRREM Global Decarbonisation Pathways, touching on topics including their ambition and achievability, their usefulness in steering investment decisions and the missing component of embodied carbon in new buildings and refurbishments. Read


Renewable thermal peer group to tackle the challenge of thermal decarbonisation

Last week we held the first meeting of a new renewable thermal peer group which we delivered in partnership with the RTC. We were joined by representatives from 15 companies which included Unilever, AB Inbev, GSK, Mars & RB. The purpose of the session was to understand the challenges that each of the members were facing and who needs to be included in the conversation to make progress. Read


Decarbonisation of heat action card

Decarbonising heat is an essential part of a net zero strategy and can make the largest carbon saving impact. But it can be one of the most capital-intensive stages of the journey, making this a high-stakes area that needs to be 'right first time'. Our decarbonisation of heat action cart will help you to take the next step in your journey to net zero. Read


Podcast: Operational ratings discussed

The UK Government is intending to consult on operational ratings this year, but what are they? How do they work? And why do they matter? As part of our 15 minute expert series, aimed to review the important topics in the zero carbon space, we have recorded a podcast on this subject. In fact it's a double helping of 30 minutes as we were enjoying the discussion and hope you do too!Paul Stepan, Head of Policy, Strategy and Compliance hosts the discussion between Robert Cohen, technical director at Verco and Jon Lovell, co-founder of Hillbreak to give what we hope is a rounded briefing addressing key questions: Read


Don't blow it off: 5 proven tips for fast, low-cost compressed air savings

Compressed air is (still) perceived as "free" by some operators at manufacturing sites. With mounting pressure on controlling costs, we often find that opportunities to improve the performance of a compressed air system are often undervalued. Here are our 5 energy saving actions for compressed air. Read


Avoid cost and prevent losses with exception alerting

Whether at full production or managing baseload, manufacturers can ensure cost control of utilities at minimal cost. This article describes the benefits of real time data and provides case study examples from our work with clients. Read


Delivering in uncertain times: 5 fast, low-cost energy efficiency actions

As resources are funnelled towards maintaining business continuity, manufacturers find themselves under different pressures: Some are trying to maximise process efficiency to deliver value at lowest cost, while others are reducing utility baseloads to an absolute minimum. Some opportunities to reduce utility consumption have common ground. Here are 5 fast, low-cost energy efficiency actions that will help you meet the challenges in these times of uncertainty. Read