With Carbon Desktop you can easily and automatically gather and compare data for all of your energy and environmental resources. This allows you to quickly find areas of improvement, reduce costs, set meaningful targets and drive continuous improvement.

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Energy management software

Using industry-leading technology and research to automate cost savings.

Cost reduction for business

Prioritisation of energy efficiency projects with robust verification.

Environmental data reporting

Flexible reporting outputs through a suite of customisable tools.

Flexible system integration

‘One-click’ integration with a large number of hardware and data collection solutions and third party reporting platforms such as Microsoft PowerBI.

Market-leading features of the software include:

Comprehensive group reporting tools

To satisfy sector benchmarking, corporate reporting and policy compliance requirements.

Auditable carbon reporting

Comprehensive range of tools & reports to international standards.

Advanced utilities monitoring & targeting package

Comprehensive targeting functions that help to deliver real, sustainable cost savings and loss avoidance measures.

Local culture & currency settings

Allows for effective deployment across global organisations.

Opportunities database

Allows projects to be managed at a group or site/building level.

Performance commentary

Allows users to comment at data point level on performance or other characteristics associated with that reading.

Automatic, customisable email reporting

Empowers individuals to reduce utility/resource usage.

Sophisticated search feature

Enables custom searching based on a large range of attributes from geography and utility to portfolio type and asset type.

Flexible data collection

Allows combinations of manually collected data and various automatic collection equipment options, along with the ability to integrate with almost all business management systems and utility data feeds.

Profile based security

Allows the highest level of user access flexibility across an organisation.