Why we should be aiming for zero

Climate change is contributing to political instability and poses a threat to the economic development across the globe. Combined with resource depletion and population growth, climate change is a major threat to the peace and prosperity of all societies.

The impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident. At the same time, environmental and developmental pressures are restricting the ability of countries to adapt.

Climate change is major threat to the UN’s sustainable development goals, putting the future of all at risk. The timeframe to meet net zero (30 years) is such that an urgent response is required. Companies and governments have a central role in achieving the required transition to net zero.

Our vision is to provide the solutions for a zero carbon world. We have developed a set of three services which enable organisations to adapt and prosper in a net zero carbon economy:

Aim for Zero: Maps out pathways to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.

  • A pathfinder tool illustrating how your organisation can transition to zero carbon operations.
  • Operational trends are modelled from internal and external data. We use these to consider a range of interventions and their associated costs and benefits.
  • Aim for Zero provides a quick and simple comparison of the impact of competing decarbonisation options.

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Report for Zero: Outstanding environmental reporting- fully automated.

  • An integrated environmental reporting programme, developed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the transition to a zero carbon economy.
  • Combines market-leading automated data collection with stunning analytics.
  • Seamlessly integrated within client operations and Verco’s strategic offers to drive more effective decision-making on the pathway to zero carbon.

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Deliver for Zero: Identifies and delivers the best projects, with a guaranteed outcome.

  • Focussed on the delivery of high impact, high return projects.
  • Generates savings from people and behaviours, process optimisation and technology interventions.
  • Fully managed performance services with guaranteed savings.

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