Heat mapper: What's the right fit for decarbonising heat in your building?

The decarbonisation of heat in buildings is essential if the UK is to meet its long-term carbon targets. A dizzying variety of options are available to decarbonise non-domestic buildings at scale. Deciding on the right technology can be difficult, with considerations around cost, ease of installation, comfort and carbon savings.

Choosing the right approach for your own specific situation can be a complicated task.

There are a huge number of HVAC systems in the non-domestic building stock. A different set of low carbon alternatives exists for each and there are some key factors that will drive decision making for all buildings.

Our newly updated Heat Mapper- now with cost and carbon savings for each solution!- breaks this task down and provides signposts for the best route to follow:

  • Understand the key considerations for your own building.
  • Clear recommendations for the low carbon solutions that best suit your specific building type.
  • Guidance on the best options for carbon and cost savings along with figures for likely average savings so you can get a feel for what can be achieved.

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