Webinar: Net zero target setting- what's a realistic timescale to achieve zero?

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Clients often say that they want to set a net zero target but don't know how soon they can realistically achieve net zero. This webinar is designed to help answer the question.

This webinar is designed for those who are just setting out on their net zero journey, to give you an idea of a good starting point and a feel for what lies ahead. Tim Crozier-Cole and Hannah Jones from Verco's Aim for zero team will talk you through:

  • The difference between science-based net zero targets and other forms of net zero or carbon neutral targets.
  • How to go about defining near- and long-term targets and some examples of what they might look like.
  • What you should consider when you are setting the all-important date for achieving net zero.

This webinar is for corporate organisations, in particular manufacturers. Any job role within this sector, who has an interest in net zero target setting and is just getting started on the journey will find this webinar useful.

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