Webinar: Pathways to net zero in real estate: Insights from the Verco research team

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IPF has published research, undertaken by Verco, into the transition of global real estate to net zero carbon emissions.

The study includes a review of existing industry efforts to frame net zero, focusing on the variation in scope, stringency and applicability of these schemes within the real estate investment industry. The research concludes with a proposed set of principles, which should underpin net zero in real estate, alongside a set of recommendations to investors on how they can help facilitate the transition of the industry.

Dave Worthington, Director, and Luke Riseborough, Consultant, share some of the details behind the report. They delve into the data to provide you with:

  • A summary of key findings.
  • The insights that lead to the proposed principles laid out in the report.
  • Actionable tips for investors to implement the recommendations.
  • Opportunity for questions.

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