Webinar: Sustainability assurance for maximum benefit

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Members of Verco's expert team including Mark Challis, Verco's assurance lead, Emilija Emma, Head of Report for Zero and Ben Ross, Head of Aim for Zero discuss the complexities of applying assurance concepts to sustainability information, including impact data, strategies and targets.

  • Understand the concepts and language behind sustainability assurance such as limited and reasonable assurance or verification, as well as the standards which are used for providing assurance.
  • Get a feel for when and why sustainability assurance may be needed, and how this is likely to evolve over time.
  • Hear about the limitations of assurance and learn how the assurance of sustainability information necessarily differs from the assurance of financial data, using GHG accounting as an example.
  • Understand the ways in which the concept of assurance can, and should, be applied to sustainability information, to the maximum benefit of all involved.

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