Investors and Project Developers

Independent technical assessment of projects is needed as part of due diligence to reduce investment risk and to enable you to make sound investment decisions. We have worked with a broad range of organisations to review, procure and deliver high-return projects.

Verco are experts in non-resource project finance for energy management initiatives, providing technical assistance to funders, project developers and project hosts.

How we help

Deep technical knowledge

We have an expert team of engineers and consultants, including a number of Certified Monitoring and Verification Professionals.

Strong track record

Over our 30 years in the industry, we have provided trusted, independent advice.

Clear and actionable

We produce a clear set of recommendations to support investment decisions.

The details

Evaluation of technical solutions for informed decision making

We review the appropriateness of proposed solutions, and the associated cost and carbon savings to help clients make informed decisions. We review the proposed implementation plan to ensure the proposed solution can deliver the promised savings. We make sure the right measurement and verification strategy is in place for checking the performance of projects after implementation, using our in-house Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals.

Review of commercial viability

We provide a review of the proposed commercial solution, including an assessment of the accuracy of the business case. We review any potential risks, including technological, construction and operational risks, and make sure the proposed delivery models and contractual agreements are appropriate to the technical proposals.

Data collection and reporting that is fast, efficient, actionable

Our Carbon Desktop software supports energy management and sustainability data collection. The tailored software makes energy management faster and more efficient, giving site teams more time to implement opportunities:

  • Fully automated cloud-based metering, monitoring and reporting

  • Advanced analytics using best available technology

  • Specialist data solutions

  • Remote trend analysis to quickly identify persisting losses or sudden deterioration in energy performance.


Project examples

Mayor of London’s Energy Efficiency Fund

Verco provides Technical Assurance services to the £500m London Mayor’s Energy Efficiency fund.

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Verco have supported more than 30 projects and programmes towards achieving ICP’s Investor Ready Energy Efficiency Certification™

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Our expertise

Bethan Phillips

Bethan Phillips

Principal Consultant
Deliver for Zero
Real Estate

There is an ever growing need for capital investment in low carbon projects as we move towards a zero carbon world. Our goal is to open up investment into good quality projects, whilst minimising investor risk and maximising energy savings.


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