Whilst the environmental impact of an organisations direct operations have been an area of focus for some time there is an increasing expectation for manufacturing companies to drive change through their supply chain. We focus on helping you to create growth opportunities, drive the industry agenda and embrace innovation as your organisation transitions to a zero carbon economy.

Energy and environmental compliance can be confusing and time-consuming, particularly when resources are stretched. We have been helping manufacturers to comply with regulations for 30 years. Plus, we have a long history of acting as policy advisors to national governments and are currently commissioned by the UK Environment Agency to audit the ESOS scheme.

How we help you

Single point of contact

A lead technical project manager will be your single point of contact. The work we do will be tailored to the needs, challenges and objectives of your business. We deliver this efficiently and offer excellent value through the tools and resources we have developed.

Making it easy for you

We’ll conduct all necessary data gathering with only the minimum amount of input needed from you, allowing you to focus on the day job.

Trustworthy advice

As well as our extensive track record in the manufacturing sector, we have worked with various governments to develop and audit several regulations and we have a track record of 100% compliance with companies we have worked with.

Easy to follow report

We give clear advice and a simple to follow summary, with all the data and information to back it up.

How it works

  • 1Phone
    The first step is a free phone consultation where one of our compliance experts will discuss your needs.
  • 2Propose
    We will propose a programme of support which will guarantee that you achieve compliance and highlight any risks to this compliance.
  • 3Assess
    We will work with your teams to ensure the necessary data is being collected, reviews undertaken and quality assured.
  • 4Comply
    We will support you with all the necessary compliance activities.
  • 5Advise
    We will advise you on what opportunities you have to improve your systems in the future.

The details

Comply with all necessary regulations

We can review your business and provide a gap analysis, advising on where you need to comply and how best to do it. We will then support you in achieving this. Our high quality, planned approach leads to tangible business benefits which often exceed compliance costs.

Achieve and maintain industry standards

Our experienced consultants and auditors can support your business to achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Assurance and Verification

We can provide assurance and verification of annual carbon emission reports.

Looking ahead

We offer detailed impact assessments of proposed and new policies, helping you to future-proof your business activities.

Report for zero

The transition to a zero-carbon economy requires an evolution in environmental reporting. Verco’s integrated reporting programme; Report for zero delivers this. It combines market-leading automated data collection with stunning analytics to deliver outstanding environmental reporting at low cost.

The service is seamlessly integrated within client operations and Verco’s strategic offers to drive more effective decision-making on the pathway to zero carbon.

Find out more about Report for zero

We provide a guaranteed compliance offer to fully meet all EU and UK energy and carbon regulation

We have expertise in the following schemes

EU Emission Trading Scheme

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive

Irish energy auditing scheme

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Voluntary schemes





DOW Jones Sustainability Index

Standard compliance


GHG Protocol Product

GHG Protocol Corporate

ISO 14001

ISO 50001

ISO 14064-3

Carbon Trust Standard


Example projects


CRC compliance and multi-million pound cost savings through energy and utility reduction.

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Our expertise

Andrew Todd

Andrew Todd

Head of Energy and Resource Management

We will help you onto this first rung of the sustainability ladder, with minimal disruption to production and day-to-day operations.