Whilst the environmental impact of an organisations direct operations have been an area of focus for some time there is an increasing expectation for manufacturing companies to drive change through their supply chain. We focus on helping you to create growth opportunities, drive the industry agenda and embrace innovation as your organisation transitions to a zero carbon economy.

Cost reduction is essential to remain competitive, but site staff often don’t have the time, available information or specialist expertise to take advantage of energy and process efficiency opportunities. Your energy and water intensive business has a significant cost saving potential that we can help you realise.

Effective cost reduction

Tried and tested approach focused on delivery of results

We have a well developed approach which we will tailor to your specific needs. Opportunities will be implemented and savings locked in.


With our 30 years’ experience we can quickly develop a good understanding of your operation and the most effective cost saving measures. These might come from many areas, such as people & culture, process optimisation and waste elimination as well as technology interventions.

Best technology and leading software

We use the best available technology and software such as Carbon Desktop to identify savings and track performance. We will always try to use what is already available but can also develop custom solutions for our clients.


Not every company is the same, we will adopt our approach to suit your needs. We offer a full range of services from full outsourced energy management to specific consultancy commissions.

How it works

  • 1Understand
    Through discussion with you, we will quickly develop an understanding of your business, key challenges and current aspirations.
  • 2Propose
    We will develop a tailored programme for you, clearly outlining the expected benefits and costs.
  • 3Assess
    Depending on the nature of the opportunity we will complete a survey, feasibility study or detailed study.
  • 4Share
    Once we have completed our assessment we will discuss our findings with you and outline our recommendations.
  • 5Deliver
    We will work with you to implement our recommendations to deliver cost, energy and resource savings.

The Details

Prioritised projects that are commercially viable and include quick wins

Our team of experienced engineers combine detailed technical knowledge with the understanding of manufacturing processes. Our high quality energy, water and waste reduction audits identify commercially viable projects for your business. These cover building fabric and services as well as industrial process optimisation. These are conducted with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. The resulting report gives clear prioritisation, costs and payback periods to make your internal communication and decision making easy.

Behaviour change for cost reduction with zero capital investment

Behaviour change can result in up to 20% utility cost reduction from zero capital investment. Our ‘Focus on Energy’ service can provide you with a wide range of engagement and training support, tailored to your business needs. This can include technical training and energy awareness for all.

Achieve your environment objectives with maximum financial return

Through capital planning and prioritisation, our bespoke, intelligent investment programmes will achieve your environment objectives with maximum financial return and most effective use of capital.

Data collection and reporting that is fast, efficient, actionable

Our Carbon Desktop software supports energy management and sustainability data collection. The tailored software makes energy management faster and more efficient, giving site teams more time to implement opportunities:

  • Fully automated cloud-based metering, monitoring and reporting
  • Advanced analytics using best available technology
  • Specialist data solutions for example real time effluent monitoring
  • Remote trend analysis to quickly identify persisting losses or sudden deterioration in energy performance.

Beyond identification

We are able to package together a tailored programme of support which can both oversee the implementation of opportunities and ensure the appropriate management systems are embedded to protect the return from your investment.

Deliver for zero

We recognise the importance of quickly and efficiently identifying the most attractive projects and taking these through to delivery and verification. We have developed our Deliver for zero service to meet this requirement, drawing on best available technologies and advanced data collection and analysis to optimise the performance of these projects.

This programme uniquely positions us to identify, implement and verify low investment high payback projects that would otherwise not be an option. We typically offer this service as a turnkey solution with guaranteed savings for organisations looking to get straight to the solution.

Download the Deliver for zero brochure here.

Project examples


Tulip is a leading food producer in the UK producing a wide range of fresh and cooked pork products. Verco have been working with Tulip for over 8 years across all 15 UK food production facilities. Verco’s support includes the provision of our energy management software package ‘Carbon Desktop’ accompanied by our technical consulting support. Tulip were able to achieve a 10% reduction in their energy and water consumption largely through low cost and no cost initiatives driven by Verco’s data collection systems and tools.

PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons is a dynamic consumer products group and innovator of some of the world's best known and loved brands. Verco has worked with PZ Cussons for 6 years and has delivered services across 7 countries of operation. Verco has helped the group transition to being sector leaders on utility management and has facilitated almost £1m in utility cost savings as well as supporting the decision-making on major investment decisions to ensure capital is directed to the areas of greatest impact. As a PLC, PZ Cussons takes corporate reporting seriously and relies on Carbon Desktop to provide detailed tracking of utility consumption by region and areas of operation.


Arla Foods is a global dairy company and co-operative owned by approximately 12,000 dairy farmers. Arla Foods UK is the largest dairy company in the country with a turnover of €2.2 billion. Verco have been Arla’s preferred energy management partner for almost 10 years and have deployed Carbon Desktop across all the UK sites. During this time we have driven the realisation of more than £1million of annual energy savings through the implementation of effective energy management practices across a range of cost-effective solutions.

Our expertise

Athanasios Patsos

Athanasios Patsos

Head of Industrial Energy Management

Our project recommendations balance quick wins with longer-term suggestions for strong and continuous cost savings.