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We work with our Real Estate clients to bring sustainability to the top of the business agenda. As well as being active members of GRESB, BBP and working as technical leads for DfP and ICP, we also work closely with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, developing new guidance to better inform performance in commercial buildings.

We are an industry leader on environmental reporting and are constantly innovating to reduce costs for you and to provide you with more insightful views of your data. We will also ensure your business is fully compliant with all necessary legislation. Our Report for zero programme will fully meet your needs:

How we help you

Outstanding data accuracy

Our services are regularly subject to third party audits and we consistently deliver outstanding results with a 100% audit pass rate with regulator audits.

Automate data collection

We use award winning technology to automatically gather your utility data both from your portals and from meters and systems installed at your buildings.

Exceptional suite of tools

We deliver an excellent user experience by giving you robust data processing and reporting capability. We incorporate this directly with existing business software products to enable you to integrate environmental reporting into day to day operations.

Dedicated team

We are at the forefront of the industry, working with key industry groups and governments on the development of new standards and policies and improving existing ones. Our team will work with you to proactively manage the data challenges you face and deliver exceptional performance in the disclosures you make.

How it works

  • 1Mobilise
    We have a range of approaches we take to improving environmental reporting – depending on your needs we can offer a tailored approach.
  • 2Automate
    On data collection we should only need to rely on site teams to manually input data in rare cases. We can gather data automatically from utility portals, enterprise platforms and on site hardware.
  • 3Process
    We have a rigorous 5 stage method to ensure that source data is accurate and that it is then correctly processed. We offer assurance where required.
  • 4Analyse
    We use the latest online tools to produce highly customisable engaging reports.
  • 5Integrate
    We integrate our reporting into a range of existing business software products, to avoid your stakeholders having to log into a new platform to access critical information.

The details

Comply with all necessary regulations

We can review your business and provide a gap analysis, advising on where you need to comply and how best to do it. We will then support you in achieving this. Our high quality, planned approach leads to tangible business benefits which often exceed compliance costs.

Automatic Data Collection and Software Solutions

Under our Report for zero programme we use a variety of tools to ensure the costs of compliance are minimised. This includes drawing data automatically from utility portals using a range of advanced data-grabbing solutions and specialist environmental portals. We link the data with existing business software products to provide an exceptional view of the data to you and your stakeholders.

Achieve and maintain industry standards

Our experienced consultants and auditors can support your business to achieve and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Assurance and Verification

We can provide assurance and verification of annual carbon emission reports. We work on behalf of government regulators to assure compliance with mandatory reporting schemes.

Looking ahead

We offer detailed impact assessments of proposed and new policies, helping you to future-proof business activities.

We provide a guaranteed compliance offer to fully meet all EU and UK energy and carbon regulation

We have expertise in the following schemes

EU Emission Trading Scheme

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs)

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Irish energy auditing scheme

Display Energy Certificates

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting

Voluntary schemes






DOW Jones Sustainability Index

Standard compliance

ISO 14001

ISO 50001

ISO 14064-3

Carbon Trust Standard

Report for zero

The transition to a zero-carbon economy requires an evolution in environmental reporting. Verco’s integrated reporting programme, Report for zero, delivers this. It combines market-leading automated data collection with stunning analytics to deliver outstanding environmental reporting at low cost.

The service is seamlessly integrated within client operations and Verco’s strategic and building optimisation offers to drive more effective decision-making on the pathway to zero carbon.

Find out more about Report for zero here

Project examples

Global Real Estate Investment Manager 1

Development of a series of ‘net zero carbon’ pathways using our Aim for Zero service.

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Global Real Estate Investment Manager 2

Verco gathers data from over 30 stakeholders and reports under mandatory and voluntary initiatives including REEB, GRESB, CRC and INREV.

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Our Expertise

Christopher Hill

Christopher Hill

Principal Consultant
Report for Zero
Real Estate

Our Report For zero service will help your business to take the first steps towards a more sustainable and efficient future


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