Building Owners and Real Estate

We work with our Real Estate clients to bring sustainability to the top of the business agenda. As well as being active members of GRESB, BBP and working as technical leads for DfP and ICP, we also work closely with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers, developing new guidance to better inform performance in commercial buildings.

To achieve leadership on sustainability, organisations need to have a robust strategy in place to coordinate activities across their operations in line with an ambitious vision. We focus on helping you to create growth opportunities, drive the industry agenda and embrace innovation as your organisation transitions to a zero carbon economy.

Together let's achieve zero

Strategic advice based on operational reality

We have an exceptional in-house team of engineers and analysts and therefore advise our clients on strategy based on an in-depth understanding of the technical issues associated with a challenge and harnessing cutting edge technology to improve performance.

Regulatory foresight

We work with governments and industry groups across the globe on current and emergent carbon and energy regulation. We therefore have excellent insight into the emerging landscape of future regulation and industry initiatives.

Track record

We have been advising global organisations for the last 30 years on strategic change. We are currently advising major companies on the transition to a zero carbon economy.

We can make a difference

At Verco we are passionate about what we do. Our vision is for a zero carbon world. Working together, we can change industry, the standards and do our bit to change the world (we like to think so anyway).

Project examples

Global Real Estate Investment Manager

Our client is one of the World’s largest real estate investment managers. Verco developed a series of ‘net zero carbon’ pathways for three of the company’s prestige property funds using our Aiming for Zero (A4Z) tool. The pathways will be used to inform investors on the sustainability credential of the funds.

British Land PLC

Review of opportunities and risks to UK real estate of the transition to zero carbon. Working with senior internal stakeholders, we reviewed the exposure of British Land’s assests to climate risks and the commercial opportunities of a low carbon economy.

The details

Thrive in the zero carbon economy

We are working with companies to identify the transformative growth areas and to manage risks that result from the transition to the zero carbon economy.

Verco is a listed supporter of the TCFD, has a 30 year track record and is a proven strategic advisor on climate-change to FTSE250 companies.

We are offering a free review to determine how ready you are for the TCFD, pinpointing areas for development. Our free STate Of Readiness Matrix (STORM), provides an action plan. It sets out what steps your organisation needs to undertake in terms of strategy, roles and responsibilities, data and project implementation. Find out more about TCFD support.

Setting Science Based targets (SBTs)

We will advise you on a robust approach to setting science based targets and ensure you can be confident in the commitments you make.

Scoping Audit: Low cost, high insight

For a powerful initial insight into how to achieve and sustain improved building performance, Verco can conduct an intensive 1 day audit that will identify opportunities to improve performance, ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance. The concise audit report provides clear actions with an indication of the range and magnitude of benefits of each action.

0% net cost guarantee with Verco’s Managed Performance Service

Our Managed Performance Service delivers and sustains performance improvements through the remote collection and analysis of meter and building management system data. Opportunities to reduce energy use, improve comfort and improve maintenance efficiency are identified. These are implemented through close co-operation with the site team, developing their skills and knowledge in the process.

Aim for zero

Map out pathways to achieve net zero carbon by 2050 with; Aim for zero.

Aim for zero helps you to actively manage climate related opportunities and risks, and play your part in tackling climate change.

We explore scenarios for achieving net zero and help set strategy to achieve it. We help you to understand the business case for investment required to move to net zero.

Download our Aim for zero product brochure here.

Energy services support

There is an increasing trend for our clients to go beyond simply being supplied units of energy by a utility. We support energy services supply by acting as a trusted advisor in strategic decision making, procurement support and undertaking bespoke research. Our advice is founded on sound technical understanding and a long-term view from 30 years’ experience in the sector.

Establish a culture of building performance

Sustaining building performance requires a change in the culture of property and facilities management alongside the technical changes. In addition to our technical expertise Verco can provide a range of services to achieve this change. We can provide training and guidance to property and facilities managers and also advise on changes to contracts, processes and specifications to align with the ongoing delivery of energy reductions, comfort improvements and maintenance efficiencies. Find out more about our Building Optimisation service here.

Complex environmental reporting for clear decision making

Using our outstanding knowledge in environmental reporting, we deliver complex analytical commissions. We consider the whole value chain impacts of an organisation’s products as well as life-cycle assessments of specific products and services. You can then have confidence that your environmental strategy addresses the critical sources of impact.

Design for performance

The gap between the theoretical energy consumption of buildings as stated in Energy Performance Certificates in property transactions and their actual usage has emerged as a major flaw in the UK’s current decarbonisation approach. Verco is leading a market based initiative in partnership with the BBP major real estate companies to demonstrate how the gap can be closed through ‘closing the loop’ between building designers and actual building performance.


Paul Stepan

Paul Stepan

Head of Policy, Strategy and Compliance

The transition to a low carbon economy is not just an environmental imperative, it is a huge opportunity for companies to protect and grow their long term value


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