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Energy efficiency can have a significant impact on your organisation because of the complexity through supply chain and wider operations. This increases the importance of brand environmental performance and the need to streamline operational costs to customers and investors.

Verco’s Building Optimisation service will reduce the costs of servicing your properties, improve user satisfaction and reduce the maintenance burden on equipment. Our unique, guaranteed reduction offer combines award winning software and exceptional technical knowledge to transform your building’s performance.

Effective cost reduction

Exceptional financial returns with guaranteed outcomes

Our service often has a rate of return on investment of over 100% and for our managed performance service we can guarantee that the savings will exceed the costs.

Outstanding team with proven track record

Verco are a team of award winning engineers and strategy consultants.

Integrated solution

Our solutions require minimal additional hardware costs, limiting the need for substantial up front capital costs and avoiding the associated disruption. We use the best available technology and software such as Carbon Desktop to identify savings and track performance.

Global reach

We can distribute our services globally and are delivering energy management services to hundreds of buildings across the world. These range from insightful but light touch scoping audits through to the full managed performance service.

How it works

  • 1Understand
    Through discussion with you, we will quickly develop an understanding of your business, key challenges you are looking to overcome and current aspirations.
  • 2Propose
    We will develop a tailored programme for you, clearly outlining the expected benefits and costs.
  • 3Assess
    Depending on the nature of the opportunity we will complete a survey, feasibility study or detailed study.
  • 4Share
    Once we have completed our assessment we will discuss our findings with you and outline our recommendations.
  • 5Deliver
    We will work with you to implement our recommendations to deliver cost, energy and resource savings.

The details

100% return on investment

Our solutions have outstanding return on investment of over 100% in many cases. We are able to achieve this by combining award winning software and exceptional technical and change management knowledge. For the managed performance service we offer a guarantee that our service costs will not exceed the service savings. This ensures our clients have a zero financial risk when procuring our services.

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0% net cost guarantee with Verco’s Managed Performance Service

Our Managed Performance Service delivers and sustains performance improvements through the remote collection and analysis of meter and building management system data. Opportunities to reduce energy use, improve comfort and improve maintenance efficiency are identified. These are implemented through close co-operation with the site team, developing their skills and knowledge in the process.

Fast, integrated, convenient and flexible systems

We use a range of data collection solutions. Selection would be based on speed of deployment in addition to cost effectiveness and ensuring data is fit for purpose. Where possible we build on existing metering and Building Management Systems (BMS). This avoids complication and duplication of costs. In the case of BMSs it also means that any additional sensors added can be included within the control strategy.

The deployment of additional software and interfaces for Property & Facilities Managers can be a barrier to their use. Our services will therefore utilise and integrate with relevant interfaces already present, e.g. Building Management Systems (BMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Computer Aided Facilties Management Systems (CAFM).

Building on existing infrastructure with technologies that use industry standard ‘open’ (not proprietary) standards maximises the potential to integrate future technologies.

Scoping audit: Low cost, high insight

For a powerful initial insight into how to achieve and sustain improved building performance Verco can conduct an intensive 1 day audit that will identify opportunities to improve performance, ongoing performance monitoring and maintenance. The concise audit report provides clear actions with an indication of the range and magnitude of benefits of each action.

Exceptional track record

Verco has 30 years' experience in the analysis and optimisation of building performance and were partners in the seminal Post Occupancy Review (PROBE) studies. We manage the Better Buildings Partnership’s Design for Performance project to optimise the performance of new buildings and our experts have been involved from the early days in the development of building optimisation software.

Collaborative working for sustained optimisation

Our team will work with site teams following up on recommendations with implementation performance reports allowing asset managers to hold site teams to account and sustain optimised performance.

Globally deployable offer

Verco is experienced in advising on and implementing energy efficiency and clean energy projects globally. These have covered complex building portfolios and energy intensive manufacturing sites around the world including in the UK, India, China, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, USA, and South America. We operate an extensive network of global partners and associates to complement our in-house team with specialist expertise and in-market knowledge and provide additional operational resilience.

Deliver for zero

We recognise the importance of quickly and efficiently identifying the most attractive projects and taking these through to delivery and verification. We have developed a Deliver for zero service to meet this requirement, drawing on best available technologies and advanced data collection and analysis to optimise the performance of these projects.

This programme uniquely positions us to identify, implement and verify low investment high payback projects that would otherwise not be an option. We typically offer this service as a turnkey solution with guaranteed savings for organisations looking to get straight to the solution.

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Project examples

Global Real Estate Investment Manager 2

Verco gathers data from over 30 stakeholders and reports under mandatory and voluntary initiatives including REEB, GRESB, CRC and INREV.

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Finnish Shopping Centre

Verco identified up to £100k of potential savings through the more efficient use of existing equipment.

We also identified the opportunity to use existing metering infrastructure more effectively for ongoing performance monitoring and reporting.

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Our Expertise

Our service will generate long-term and sustainable cost savings for your portfolio.


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