Verco have a software product for second-to-none energy management in industry:

Carbon Desktop

Simplifies group-wide reporting and provides easy access to data for driving improvement initiatives to reduce cost and carbon.


With Verco's extensive experience in data collection and integration you will capture valuable data at the lowest cost.

Flexible system integration

Allows data to be taken from and exported to platforms such as Microsoft Power BI and ERP systems such as SAP and Sage.


We offer additional support and expert advice drawing on our 30-year history in energy management.


Easy access online systems with a simple user interface to use as a completely self-served system if you choose.

Software built from hands-on experience:

Carbon Desktop

Established as a market-leader for 15 years, Carbon Desktop is a platform for utility consumption to be reduced and controlled at a whole site or group level.

This leading Monitoring & Targeting package is used extensively across corporate and manufacturing businesses, from businesses operating out of a single site, to multi-national operations operating from hundreds of locations.

Track energy saving projects against targets and verify your success.

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