Tim specialises in industrial energy management including: - Metering, Carbon Desktop application, Targeting, Opportunity identification, Client development and Project delivery.

Tim provides advice and assists industry in: - Metering requirements and installation, Carbon Desktop implementation, Data analysis, Target setting, Opportunity identification, Improvement project preparation & delivery.

Tim is a fellow of the Energy Institute and has developed automated metering and targeting system implementation. This implementation is followed by a robust opportunity delivery and site team development.

Tim recently used an existing Carbon Desktop installation to identify and deliver a £60,000 / annum electricity cost reduction with zero implementation cost. He has assisted an industrial food site in the delivery of a £360,000 per annum utility cost reduction.

Tim delivered a detailed sub-metering solution across all 15 sites of a leading food manufacturing company to:- Monitor, Target and Report on £13,000,000 of utility spend, with an comprehensive reduction agenda.