5 things manufacturers can do to reduce energy costs right now.

5 things manufacturers can do to reduce energy costs right now.

With the devastating war in Ukraine, our thoughts and focus are obviously on the terrible impact on human lives and we have made a charitable donation to help those who are in desperate need.

There is also an energy challenge that has been aggravated partly due to this conflict. With the significant increase in energy prices, energy intensive businesses are feeling a sizeable squeeze on profits. There is an urgent need for fast and effective energy reduction without significant capital investment.

Our Deliver for zero team works collaboratively with many manufacturers such as Arla, Asahi, CCL Secure and JCB to help them achieve their net zero aims. A good first step is always to go for the high impact, low investment options and we have many years of first-hand experience of what really works.

Here are 5 things manufacturers can do to reduce energy costs right now.

1) Use the data you already have for continuous improvement

Are you making the most of your data? If you already have a monitoring and targeting system in place, we advise scrutinising the data. We typically identify over 8% energy input reductions and over 5% water usage reduction at no/low cost with our Bureau Reporting service.

For example, with setpoint optimisation, we achieved a £1,200/ week saving for a client’s effluent blowers without any investment on site.

If you would like to understand if you are making the most of your data, see how you score on our Data Integration Health curve by completing this 2 minute survey. Shortly after the survey, you will receive your personalised results which indicate your score, relative strengths and recommendations to consider for improvement.

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Several energy monitoring platforms will have an option for alerting users to deviations from the norm – helping you to avoid unnecessary running costs and ensuring business continuity. Now is the time to review your alert settings and speak to your provider to ensure they are set up optimally.

2) Review your “efficient equipment” set up

We often find that setpoints for energy saving equipment have drifted with time. Returning these to design conditions often results in significant savings. For example, variable speed drives have often been installed but not properly commissioned or reviewed. A recent optimisation project achieved >£30k/y in the first couple of weeks.

3) Carry our maintenance surveys

Compressed air leaks or steam leak detection can be done immediately, are a good source of energy saving opportunities and typically pays back within months. For more information, take a look at our news article: Don’t blow it off: 5 proven tips for fast, low-cost compressed air savings.

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4) Engage your business

Energy efficiency is not just about technology. People and behaviours can have a significant impact without technology interventions. Get people’s attention and turn energy management into a business priority.

Does everyone know what the cost of utilities is? Make energy usage a topic in everyday meetings so it remains top of mind and review energy practices in your factory. Small things like switching off lights and start-stop shutdown procedures can have a significant impact. Awareness makes sure these things get done consistently.

5) Demonstrate the business case for M&T at no/low cost

‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’; however, it is common knowledge that most decision makers in the industry don’t immediately see a return on investment by installing energy data management systems, despite abundant evidence of success from their business peers. If you don’t have an M&T system in place you may feel that this is now out of reach because of the investment required to establish one.

Our experience shows that there are several ready-to-pull data sources that can be utilised at no/low cost with very little/no investment upfront. Watch our webinar: Pro-tips for cost-effective data integration and increased ROI, to make the most of your existing resources.

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The enact service allows you to confidently and effectively use your data to identify opportunities and generate tangible benefits within weeks of implementation. Using the latest analytics and technology, these improvements are verified and sustained. This continuous improvement gives you credibility and builds the business case for further step-change plans.

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Energy optimisation

Our energy optimisation services such as Bureau reporting and contract energy manager have a net zero cost and clients see a return on investment in weeks and months not years. Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our engineers to discuss your options and what you can expect to achieve.

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