Avoid cost and prevent losses with exception alerting

Whether at full production or managing baseload, manufacturers can ensure cost control of utilities at minimal cost.

The benefits of real time data

Having access to real time data can

  • Justify plant improvements

  • Ensure that capital is being spent wisely, given real process demand
  • Help with building business cases (informing investment decision-making)
  • Verify if an investment has been successful
  • Prevent losses
  • Ensure business continuity by indicating plant performance

So what if real time utility data can be used to avoid unnecessary operational and capital spend, prevent losses and operational disruptions? A couple of case study examples are below.

Case study 1:

Preventing factory stoppages

One of our clients started recording the mains water incomer through Carbon Desktop. In one instance, production had to stop unexpectedly due to the site water tank running out of water, even though main supply was still delivering water to site.

To understand this problem Verco recorded data from water meters around the site and set up a virtual tank level indicator and exception alerts in Carbon Desktop.

If the virtual tank level drops below a certain level at a certain rate, an automated alert is sent to the site contact. The site then reviews non-critical water intensive processes to ensure that production isn’t stopped.

Avoiding unnecessary spend

Sub-meters were installed on the suspected largest users to try and understand which equipment was drawing large amounts of water and causing the factory to run low on water.

Automatic alerts are now set to inform site in real time of extraordinary consumption patterns which then trigger an instant review of the areas in question.

Case study 2:

Loss avoidance- could this be you?

During a recent factory audit, Verco found that an unattended water supply resulted in 1,000 m3 of fresh water down the drain. This was only discovered and fixed days later by which time the business had spent £2,000 in water, treatment and effluent charges. The use of exception alerting would have notified the site team in minutes and action be taken to avoid this loss.

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