Free taster bureau report for manufacturers to save energy

Are you a Site Manager for a manufacturer with energy metering in place?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, remote tools have never been so important.  Many sites are working at or above maximum capacity right now, while some are on total shut-down. Either way, there is real value in investigating how utility systems are performing in these abnormal times.  Our remote services allow you to maintain an overview of your business performance and help optimise your energy and utilities from the comfort of your home.

For a limited time, we are offering Site Managers a taster bureau report*.  We will analyse your data and provide you with a summarised tailored report capturing energy insights for your business.

Is your site on shut-down?

Track your non-production baseload. This can inform shutdown practices in the future.

Is your site at full capacity?

Look at the efficiency of your plant when fully loaded and inform condition-based maintenance plans or future investment cases.   

Join a growing number of leading industrial sites in discovering the value of remote bureau reporting:

  • Gain actionable energy saving intelligence, tailored to your business

  • Highlight anomalies to ensure early action and keep to your energy budget

  • Utilise trends to find energy saving ideas and 'hidden opportunities'

  • Generate action reports for continued engagement

  • Share results with your teams to gain business commitment

Request taster Bureau Report

*The offer is for industrial and manufacturing organisations, one report per business. Offer ends on 1st July 2020.

Bureau reporting training session

If you already have the software in place and would prefer to do the reporting yourself, you are welcome to join our next bureau reporting training session.

Join our next training session: In-house bureau reporting

For further information, contact your Verco account manager or Andrew Todd, Head of Energy and Resource Management