Immediate savings of >£30k/y with zero capital investment from ESOS recommendations and use of Carbon Desktop

The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is a showcase of the impressive results that Carbon Desktop users have achieved.

This month we are pleased to be sharing the work of Kurt Foy and Neil Duthie at Saputo Dairy UK’s site in Davidstow. Saputo Dairy UK produces and sells some of the best-loved food brands in the UK, including Cathedral City cheddar and Clover spread, as well as specialised ingredients used in infant formula.

Saputo Dairy UK’s ESOS Audit

Saputo Dairy UK engaged Verco to carry out ESOS audits at their UK sites; the outcomes of these audits formed Saputo Dairy UK’s energy improvement programme with site energy support by Verco. This service allows clients to have an Expert Energy Engineer attend site to work with the site team developing energy saving ideas into full projects with dependable paybacks ready for site project engineers to apply for capex and then manage installation.

Carbon Desktop

Saputo Dairy UK’s site team in Davidstow have been collecting data from their BMS, from their suppliers and from remote meters onsite and feeding this into Carbon Desktop for over 10 years now. This provides a rich pool of data that helps to identify and then verify savings.

Results so far

After the first month of working together with Verco, Neil and Kurt have implemented two zero cost changes. The site expects to save 310,000 kWh/y of the site electricity consumption as a result of these changes alone, translating to >£30k/y cost saving.

How the savings were achieved

The savings were achieved by reviewing energy data from Carbon Desktop, design temperatures and design limits of cooling towers and the current set points of the cooling water and making control changes on the systems. Following these control changes the first cooling tower energy consumption was reduced by 30% and the second one by 15% without any negative impact on production. The site continues to challenge the status quo and adjust the controls with further savings expected shortly.

Carbon Desktop and the site energy support has helped Neil, Kurt and their team to take control of and improve the site’s electricity use. Verco is working on a total of 20 projects with the Saputo Dairy UK team. We look forward to continuing to provide support in achieving additional savings from the opportunities already identified.

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