Heat pump decision support tools. Webinar hosted by the Renewable Thermal Collaborative

Heat pumps have been identified as a critical opportunity to decarbonise low-temperature industrial heat applications. However, while many companies are familiar with the use of heat pumps for applications such as space heating, they are less familiar with their potential to provide useful levels of heat for some industrial processes. Those who are aware of the potential may lack the time and resources to undertake the preliminary studies needed to understand their application within their own organisation.

The Renewable Thermal Collaborative facilitated a collaborative project between seven multinational companies to develop a set of decision support tools to help companies identify heat pump applications and complete an initial level of technical assessment. Verco were asked to work with the seven participating companies to develop what became three tools and we will present these at the RTC's upcoming webinar.

  1. An initial screening tool to identify heat pump opportunities.
  2. A high-level feasibility tool to perform initial technical and commercial viability assessments.
  3. A supplier database detailing heat pump suppliers by geography and service offerings.

The tools aim to bridge the gap between those planning to reduce emissions across multiple sites and technical engineering teams implementing solutions on the ground.

Join the RTC webinar: Heat pump decision support tools

The webinar will dive into how the tools work and the process behind their development. It will feature presentations by the Verco team as well as representatives of RTC members Procter & Gamble and Roche who were involved in the development of the tools.

On:15th March

At: 4.00pm GMT

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