Life at Verco, Q&A's with Leah McCabe

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at Verco? This article forms part of a series of 'Life at Verco' Q&A’s. Here Leah McCabe, Senior Consultant within the Real Estate team shares her Verco journey.

Q: What attracted you to apply for a role with Verco?

A: "I was originally looking for a company of people who were working towards the same goal - I had come from a big corporate and wanted something smaller so I could make a difference and be part of a team, where the work I did would be valuable in the long run. I'd just done a Masters in Sustainability so it fitted well with that, but the fact that Verco seemed people focused and employee owned was an important factor in my decision."

Q: Do you consider Verco to be people focussed?

A: "Yes, on a day to day basis, everyone is working together, it's a very supportive atmosphere - because the way our teams are set up, people are approachable and willing to give a helping hand for support, guidance and workload. Everyone's really friendly.

You're not micromanaged. Verco's great at giving you autonomy to carry out your task and you're trusted to get the work done, and to ask for help when needed. You're responsible for your own projects. You are given whatever support you need to feel comfortable with your own responsibility, to work under your own steam."

Q: What's compelling about Verco?

A: "It's the fact we might be a small company in terms of size but with the volume of work we do with our clients, you can see our influence in the market and the industries we work in - it's an indicator of how committed we are and the expertise we have. It's an enjoyable place to work. I'm influencing the strategies of massive household name companies and clients and I'm able to help steer their direction of travel towards net zero."

Q: Can you tell me about opportunities within Verco, specifically career progression?

A: "For me it's been straight forward - I joined as a consultant, worked for a couple of years and was then promoted to senior consultant, gaining line management experience as the opportunities arose. I really like the fact that promotion and career progression are merit-based and there's always the opportunity for anyone to get promoted - it's a straight forward process and there's a structure to go through to do it - it's very fair.

Because we're a growing company, there's lots of opportunities for movement, both upwards, management level and cross team.

Career progression comes in the form of autonomy over your projects, leading to full project management and moving closer to Project Director."

We're always looking for new talent here at Verco, take a look at our new careers page to see our current vacancies.