Policies and regulations which address climate change need to be right and they must be based on insightful analysis and robust evidence.

We have an in-depth understanding of how policy impacts on our corporate clients and wider society and how energy and environmental costs should be reduced. We apply our technical expertise and collaborate with a range of partners to create, implement and evaluate policies.

How we help you

Vision for zero

Verco’s vision is to provide solutions of for a zero carbon world.  The diversity and breadth of our experience allows us to provide robust technical insights for policy research.

Technical expertise

We consult on technical, strategic and regulatory issues for a wide variety of corporate clients.  Our analytical and technical analysis helps to create successful policies, strategies and products.  Our real world experience in these areas supports our policy work and vice-versa.   

Strong partner network

Creating, implementing and evaluating policy requires inter-disciplinary skills.  Verco regularly partners with economists, market research companies, universities and other technical specialists to deliver best in class research. 

30 years' experience

Verco is dynamic and growing.  We draw on a 30 year history of technical, market and policy research work. We have an excellent reputation for rigorous and insightful analysis.

The details

Evidence-based understanding of global trends

We support policy by drawing on our experience with corporates and through both primary and secondary research, for example audits and surveys.

Creation of innovative policy

We advise governments on policy design. Working with partners, such as economists and social researchers, we use our technical knowledge to drive better policy on energy reduction. We are currently the technical lead for EU funded projects; ICP and ALDREN.

We have also been involved in many market-led initiatives to encourage a reduction in carbon use and have conducted international market research and developed new tools. We have also given support with market mobilisation and capacity building.

Implementation of policy

We provide programme management as well as technical delivery for major research and development initiatives.

Evaluation of policy

We provide expert technical on-the-ground feedback and modelling support for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of energy and carbon policies.

Project examples

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Verco’s valuable research increased BEIS’s understanding of how energy consumption can be reduced and supported future policy planning.

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Department of Energy and Climate Change

Verco lead a rapid assessment of the industrial energy efficiency evidence base for DECC.

The comprehensive approach and insightful findings helped inform DECC’s industrial energy efficiency strategy, whilst highlighting the significant variation in the quality and coverage of data between sectors.

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South African Government

Verco provided support around energy efficiency and carbon policy, introducing UK processes and trading scheme structures.

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Our expertise

Tim Crozier-Cole

Tim Crozier-Cole

Head of Aim for Zero

We’ve been involved with sustainable energy policy projects at the highest international levels since the '90s and continue to help shape the structure of today’s international regulatory landscape.


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