A pathway to net zero assets

The latest IPCC report made clear that the challenge of achieving net zero assets and funds should remain both a wider societal and property industry imperative; yet understanding on a building by building level what needs to be done can be something of an enigma for many participants of the property industry. With so many accreditation schemes, benchmarks, best practice guides and definitions to work to, being able to cut through the noise and define an informed, bespoke cost optimal plan for an asset remains a challenging priority for many.

For companies with multiple assets under management, the complexity of the challenge becomes even greater as assets enter and leave the portfolio. Identifying the right assets to acquire can accelerate improvement, whilst selecting the wrong ones can dilute or counteract the benefit of interventions already made.

The infographic below shows how asset owners and managers can approach these key challenges:

Download the ebook: A pathway to net zero assets

  • See a more detailed version of the infographic.
  • Get a feel for how to achieve a holistic net zero strategy.
  • See an overview of the net zero interventions that can be made at each stage of the asset lifecycle.
  • Understand the cyclical process that should be used at the occupy and maintain phases of the cycle with a clear and comprehensive look at important considerations and actions that can be taken at each step.
  • Explore key challenges such as data collection and benchmarking as well as decarbonising heat and collaboration with stakeholders.

Pathway to net zero assets ebook

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