Webinar: Pathways to net zero buildings

The drive towards ‘Net Zero’ is now an urgent call to action for governments and businesses. The UK’s legally binding target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is now a necessary company priority. Energy use in buildings accounts for approximately a third of the UK’s carbon emissions. Furthermore, the government expects emissions from buildings to be cut deeper and faster than most other areas of the economy where costs of abatement are higher.

Leah McCabe, Senior Real Estate Consultant and Lois Mattingly, Real Estate Consultant, will walk you through typical decarbonisation pathways which are informed by our work with government and industry.

In this webinar we set out how net zero is achieved for companies with large building portfolios:

  • How is it defined?
  • What do you need to do?
  • Which parts of the journey are most difficult (i.e. decarbonising heat)?
  • How do you engage the rest of your organisation to drive the change?

This webinar has already taken place but you can view it here:

Watch: Pathways to net zero buildings

This webinar open to professionals from the private and public sectors working in sustainability, energy, environment, property, supply chains and related fields. It is targeted at organisations seeking to achieve net zero carbon emissions from non-domestic buildings.