Grab the attention of senior management and key stakeholders

From working with a range of clients, we know that energy projects will always be bigger and more successful if there is a good level of engagement across all stakeholders.

Here are the best ways to achieve that:

Identify what your business should be doing

Review your ESOS opportunities and other recent work which has identified energy reduction initiatives. Some stakeholders will be keen to generate value from compliance.

Identify some quick wins. Early stage, quick achievements will help to gain attention, build engagement and demonstrate that change is possible.

Turn energy management into a business priority

Highlight the cost of utilities and its importance to your total cost of conversion.

Make energy management a topic in everyday meetings for example, make energy demand reduction a key topic in your operational reviews.

Look at your energy practices. Practical actions can fill in energy management gaps with little or no investment and demonstrate the positive impact of change.

Build the business case. A business case with guaranteed savings will persuade those at the top to sign projects off.

Client case study.

Verco reviewed the utility spend and operations of a major printing business. By thoroughly analysing their existing data we identified the true cost of their utilities. Using remote and on-site assessments we highlighted areas of inefficiency and identified quick opportunities for cost reduction, ranging from challenging tariff structures to eliminating an entire process step!

Following senior management engagement, Verco is working with this organisation to build the business case for immediate investment and set an ambitious net zero carbon strategy with discrete energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects to be achieved by 2023.

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