Top tips for turning energy saving ideas into reality (fast)

Now that ESOS is finished, you can turn the identified projects into real benefits for your organisation. However, if you already have a full workload, this is not as easy as it sounds. Here are our top tips for quickly turning the ideas into reality:

Prioritise your list of energy projects- where will you get the greatest impact?

Identify quick wins- Immediate results will help build interest and support with the more challenging projects.

Set an initial plan of action- If stakeholders are clear on who does what, and when, projects are more likely to happen. Clear deadlines will help to keep up momentum.

Get a grip on energy consumption- Evidence everything with data where you can, including calculated savings and verified completed projects. Proven savings through numbers and facts will soon gain credibility in the business.

Build a supportive team- Seek out colleagues who show an interest and identify any skills gaps. Motivation and action will gather momentum.

Remember people and process- Explore the people and process optimisation aspects of these opportunities, they will facilitate change and can often be the key to making low-investment impact right away.

Create a self-funding energy efficiency cycle- Use the initial savings made to fund more opportunities. This will also help to get buy-in from key stakeholders.

Client case study

Verco worked with the US arm of a multi-national dairy organisation to identify water over-consumption.

Verco engineers installed a fast-response monitoring system at key plant to identify wastage, which highlighted areas of immediate attention. Verco immediately followed the opportunity identification with two week-long implementation campaigns which largely involved process optimisation.

The cost of implementation paid back within the same year and allows the site to plan for future improvements. This project saved $21,000 from our time spent on site, plus identified a further $123,000 in energy, water and chemical savings.

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