Deep renovations with ALDREN aim to increase the value of commercial buildings across the EU

Verco is a partner in the ALliance for Deep RENovation (ALDREN) a 30 month Horizon 2020 project which started in November 2017. The purpose of ALDREN is to establish the business case for deep renovation. It is thereby intended to encourage investment and accelerate the movement towards a nearly zero energy non-residential building stock across the EU, as targeted by 2050 to meet Paris Agreement commitments. The project is co-ordinated by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB) in France, with seven expert partners from around Europe.

ALDREN aims to provide the following benefits:

Encourage investment:

  • Reliable project proposals with independently defined parameters and targets: At the start of the project, we will use our ‘design for performance’ expertise to create a performance tracking protocol to underwrite achievement of the targeted performance.
  • A standardised and comparable rating: to be used across Europe, the rating will be verified by measurements of the actual energy used after the renovation is completed, providing a true picture of the building’s performance.
  • Market recognition of high quality indoor environments achieved by energy efficiency: the increase in building value, as a result of the renovation, will be underpinned by financial tools and capacity building.

Tenant satisfaction:

  • Better quality indoor environment: associating deep low energy renovation with health, comfort and productivity gains.

The project aims to apply the performance tracking protocol on 15 pilot non-domestic building deep renovation projects across Europe.

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