Map the right fit for decarbonising heat in your building

If the UK is to meet its long-term carbon targets, half of the energy savings required will need to be addressed through low carbon heating measures- the decarbonisation of heat in buildings is essential.

But this is not an easy task. There are over 200 different HVAC systems in the non-domestic building stock. A different set of low carbon alternatives exists for each with considerations around cost, ease of installation, comfort and carbon savings.

Our heat mapper turns complexity into well informed options

It maps the viable low carbon alternatives to existing HVAC systems and provides expert advice on important considerations. The Heat mapper is now updated with details on cost and carbon savings for the HVAC alternatives, showing you the best routes to follow.

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Pathway analysis is an essential component of a robust net zero strategy.

Our powerful, market leading pathway analysis tools provide detailed cost and performance modelling for a range of low carbon HVAC technologies. We give unbiased, critical insight into which strategies will deliver the best returns in terms of cost or carbon.