The Carbon Desktop website is now live!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website for Carbon Desktop! This website is designed to give an overview of Verco’s energy management software Carbon Desktop and what it can do. The site will also provide hints, tips and news, helping users to get the best from the system.

Take a look and tell us what you think:

If you are unfamiliar with our industry leading energy management software Carbon Desktop, why not take a look at our new website to see for yourself what the system does and which leading businesses are using it.

Carbon Desktop builds on our 30 years’ experience in energy management solutions to simplify reporting and compliance and maximise the financial return of energy efficiency projects. The system’s powerful tools automate this process and unearth quick payback projects that would otherwise be missed. Verco’s supporting energy management services provide a one-stop shop for project identification and delivery should you need a helping hand.

Smart data collection

Effectively capture data from fiscal meters, existing systems and new meter points. Carbon Desktop offers an unrivalled solution for integrating data from multiple data platforms which reduces the implementation cost while giving you the highest quality of data.

Cost reduction

With our award winning service, we work with you to control and reduce your utility consumption. Actions are easily prioritised and tracked through to verification providing a transparent means of recording success and challenging solutions suppliers on their claimed savings. Real time system alerts provide instant notification of issues as they occur.


Demonstrate your successes to the business with automatic reports backed up by hard data. A combination of our custom report builder and integration with MS Power BI means that the reporting outputs are unrivalled.

Visit the website to find our more