Time for action: How to start moving towards your net zero targets

Last week, Verco attended the Energy Management Summit. Tim Kay, Commercial Director and experienced consultant at Verco was invited to do a presentation during the event. As this received very positive feedback, we have produced a recording for those who missed it. We hope it's a useful reference which you can share with colleagues.

Many businesses have set their net zero targets and have a plan for achieving them, but this is just the beginning! Turning plans into action is the next challenge.

The presentation covers:

  • Best practice examples of how our market-leading clients are taking action
  • Our expert view of what’s next for those businesses who are already implementing their plans.
  • How to successfully implement different project types that make up your reduction plan.
  • Risks and opportunities you should be aware of when implementing reduction projects.
  • Top five actions you can take right now and the benchmark results they should achieve.

Key take-away points:

  • Technical engineering resource will be needed in order to develop and progress.
  • The reduction roadmap defines the actions (specific projects) needed to achieve the corporate net zero target.
  • The net zero implementation plan prioritises these projects. It should include quick wins and longer-term development of complex (riskier) projects.
  • Measurement and verification holds suppliers to account, validates achievements and allows for continuous improvement.
  • Understand what stage you are at right now and what you need to do next.

Watch the presentation here

Our online diagnostic tool gives you an instant, shareable output of your net zero position along with useful, actionable advice on what to do next here.

Net zero challenges are our favourite topic, so please contact us if you have any questions about your net zero journey.

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