Posted by Adam Smith

Verco launches the Heat Mapper: A signpost for the right decarbonisation approach for your building

The decarbonisation of heat in buildings is essential if the UK is to meet its long-term carbon targets. The UK Government's Building Energy Efficiency Survey (BEIS, 2014-15)* found that half of the energy savings required to deliver on these targets could be achieved through conventional energy efficiency measures. The remaining half will need to be addressed through more fundamental low carbon heating measures.

With a rapidly decarbonising electricity grid, attention is focussing on fossil fuel-based technologies with the vast majority of non-domestic buildings in England and Wales reliant on gas boilers to supply heating and hot water. A dizzying variety of options are available to decarbonise these buildings at scale including hydrogen, air or ground source heat pumps, biomass, or district heating with low carbon fuels. Choosing the right technology can be difficult, with considerations around cost, ease of installation, comfort and carbon savings. Our Heat Mapper document outlines some of these considerations and acts as a signpost for the right decarbonisation approach for your building.

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