BCorp Month 2024: This way forward

This year we are marking BCorp month by reflecting on what we have already achieved, whilst also using this as an opportunity to share how we plan to grow our impact in the future.

We have been BCorp certified since 2018 and we are very proud of our BCorp status. We’re part if a global community, that’s striving towards improving the way we work for the future, whilst also getting external verification that our business meets the high standards of performance and accountability.

Our mission

Our Business mission with a focus on sustainability, aligns to BCorp; use business as a force for good. There are more than 6,000 certified B Corporations in over 80 countries, forming a community of like-minded businesses striving to achieve bigger and better outcomes for people, communities, and the health of the planet.


In November 2023, Verco became part of the BIP Group, a global consultancy company who, just like us, have a passion for sustainability, and importantly BIP UK are also a BCorp. Shared insights, knowledge and experience are helping us to shape our practices and make improvements, for example a new group wide code of ethics policy, Science-based Net Zero Target work, and much more.


Our dedicated Corporate Social and Responsibility (CSR) team organise internal events throughout the year. In 2023 teams from all three of our offices volunteered in our local communities. This included volunteering for the Bendrigg Trust, Stepney City Farm and Primrose Hill Community Woodland. We celebrated Diversity awareness month, Pride, Black History month, mental health awareness, and ran sessions on neuro-diversity, menopause awareness and many more.

In 2024, we will continue to offer support and guidance to all employees with further focus on Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), looking at even more ways to treat everyone as unique and valued employees.

We will also be supporting the small and mid-sized businesses in our supply chain- providing them with the advice they need to move towards net zero.


Our focus for 2024 will be on embracing health and wellbeing; through support and activities, to encourage positive mental and physical wellbeing.

We will be building on our work in 2023 in relation to our training across grades as personal development and technical excellence is at the heart of what we do. We want to continue to grow and shine a light on our team, giving true career progression opportunities.


We have set our Net Zero Pathway and have been ISO 14001 compliant since 2011. We have reduced our operational emissions and have been carbon neutral since 2020.

Our footprinting exercise is an annual focus for us leading us closer to fulfilling our BCorp Climate Commitment: achieving net zero by 2030. We are very proud to reduced scope 1&2 carbon emissions per employee by more than 80% since 2016, and have removed all scope 1 emissions since 2022.

We are exploring Scope 3 emissions reduction, looking into cutting down on our highest contributors:

1. Travelling to the office

We are considering an office relocation for better accessibility to one of our offices which will reduce commuting carbon emissions. A building with good sustainability performance will also reduce the carbon intensity of the premises.

2. Business travel

We will review business travel, in particular to reduce travelling via air where possible.

In 2024 we will be working further with our supply chain, developing relationships with suppliers who have common net zero approaches. Our CSR team are busy planning activities for Earth Day, plastic free month, cycle to work week, and many more!

Q&A with Helen Reed, Wellbeing Director at Verco

How are you are still setting new goals and challenges?

We are always asking our team for ideas and initiatives from across the business. With many volunteering their interest to be part of CSR and EDI groups. Good ideas are good ideas regardless of what grade you are within a business – we’ve always strived for an environment where everyone can put forward suggestions, and they are taken seriously. Some of our best initiatives have come through these ideas , i.e. our volunteering, STEM, etc. and we’ve already received some interesting (and challenging!) ideas for this year. We want Verco to be a fun and rewarding place to work.

What is your top goal for this year?

Top goal for this year is to focus on EDI. All our staff completed an Diversity and Inclusion survey at the end of last year, this helps feed priorities for employees and we will use this as a starting point to drive new initiatives this year for events, cultural awareness and to impact policies such as company procedures and recruitment methods.

Which goal you have just met, but plan to exceed?

We are proud of all of our footprinting achievements – but this year we would like to push further and reduce our Scope 3 emissions by reviewing and improving premises, travel and supply chain.

Looking ahead for 2024

We like to celebrate our BCorp achievements each year, but are also focused on achieving bigger and better. 2024 will be a year with great focus on reviewing our own carbon footprint, as well as that of our supply chain. This will help lead us towards our ambitious goal of fulfilling the BCorp pledge. We also make it a key priority to continue working to create a more inclusive workspace for our current and future team. Look out for our 2024 Impact Report coming soon!