Webinar: Using SFDR/ EU Taxonomy to your net zero advantage

The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which came into force on 1st January 2023, was brought in to achieve outcomes which the sustainable investment market is crying out for – from bringing accountability and discipline to sustainability claims made about financial products, to improving the quality and comparability of information about their sustainability-related performance.

In a recent article, based on our industry research, Emilija Emma, Verco's Head of Report for Zero, discussed the regulation from the real estate perspective. Despite significant uncertainty and the need for more real estate-specific definitions, you can still take positive action now which will have the dual benefit of helping you stay in line with regulatory requirements and assisting you in your journey towards net zero. Whilst this complex piece of legislation evolves, our specialists closely monitor the changing regulatory requirements to keep you informed and prepared ahead of disclosure.

Join our webinar: Using SFDR/ EU Taxonomy to your net zero advantage

We are very sorry but due to unforseen circumstances, this webinar is now cancelled until further notice. You can still register your interest via the link below and we will get in touch as soon as we have an alternative date and time. Registrants will also receive a recording of the webinar once it has taken place.

Members of Verco's Real Estate team will present on the following:

1. Hypothetical fund strategies to achieve net zero, viewed through the lens of the SFDR and the EU taxonomy.

2. Data collection that is needed for reporting- and how best to structure this to assist you in your net zero journey.

3. The importance of sustainability-conscious investor education.

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