CCL Secure UK make further strides towards Net Zero with an impressive 26% reduction in their carbon footprint in 4 years

Verco and CCL Secure continue to work in partnership towards achieving Net Zero and report significant achievements in 2021.

They have implemented stringent operational practices focussing on reducing energy demand, investment in energy efficiency technology, improvement in internal procedures as well as planning and working in partnership with the supply chain. This has led to an impressive 26% reduction in the CCL Secure UK carbon footprint, per tonne of product (Scope 1, 2 and 3), against 2018 baseline year, without the need for offsets or market instruments.

Gary Frizell, Engineering and Sustainability Manager, CCL Secure UK comments – “We are working hard to improve our efficiency both in our operations and the supply chain. We have engaged employees, suppliers and partners in our whole value chain, and report our results consistently. We are proud to have further reduced our footprint in 2022 across all three scopes. It has been a result of the combined effort across the business. At the same time we have to be flexible as standards and targets continually evolve. With the help of Verco we are ensuring we are staying ahead of the game, whilst setting the standard for the rest of the organisation”.

CCL Secure are the world’s leading polymer currency experts, they have been producing world-class polymer banknotes since their first production in 1988. CCL Secure have world-class research and production sites in the UK, Australia and Mexico. The UK plant is situated at Wigton, Cumbria.

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