Future trends you should be considering

The increasing urgency of climate change action is likely to impact business in a number of ways. Looking ahead will obviously ensure that carbon targets are achieved, risks of unforeseen costs are mitigated and capital is used in the most effective way. Here are some trends that we think will affect industrial Energy Managers and their site operation.

Carbon and energy taxes

Handling both the cost implications of these within strategic planning and also the often complex compliance landscape associated with them.

Carbon commitments

We expect a continued increase in the number of companies making bold long-term carbon commitments. This will present a challenge to decarbonising energy intensive processes, particularly those that rely on lots of heat.


Managing site energy demand, also according to time of use, and optimising on-site energy generation and storage.

Energy Supply

Long term decarbonisation of grid-electricity, which will mean innovating in supplying utilities to your critical capital intensive processes.

Client case study

Verco have supported a global brewing company in the development of their GHG strategy, this included the development of a robust value chain reporting methodology for their GHG emissions, the development of market leading long term targets and supporting the company in getting these targets accredited as Science Based against the 1.5C pathway. In addition to this we also provide strategic and technical advice on new initiatives such as novel packaging formats or the impact of shifting market trends to ensure the company understand any GHG implications and can keep on track with their long term aspirations.

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