High impact, high return projects with a guaranteed outcome

Take action against increasing energy and climate-change related costs with Deliver for Zero.

Deliver for Zero is one of Verco’s core services offering turnkey solutions with guaranteed savings.

  • Deliver step change, cost-effective, verifiable savings
  • Increase resilience of operations
  • Ensure most effective use of capital
  • Release additional revenue streams for further improvement on your journey to zero carbon.

Why Deliver for Zero?

There is a large untapped opportunity for energy saving projects in the manufacturing industry combining optimisation and equipment implementation. The main reasons for the lack of action is that often these opportunities are:

  • Idling as site resources are allocated to more immediate factory demands
  • Undervalued because the tangible savings have not been quantified
  • Under-prioritised as often product-led initiatives jump the queue

A tailored delivery programme.

Deliver for zero will generate savings from:

  • People and behaviours
  • Process optimisation
  • Technology interventions

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