Joint webinar with GRESB & IPF: 2022 GRESB Regional Insights: United Kingdom

As part of the 2022 GRESB Regional Insights, we have co-hosted a webinar on the UK Real Estate results alongside GRESB & IPF. The webinar also includes a panel discussion on Embodied Carbon.

With this year's GRESB results now out, this joint webinar between Verco, GRESB and IPF is a great opportunity to hear more on the UK's regional insights. Shared knowledge on aggregate performance, a dive into insights from the benchmarks, and emerging trends are also discussed.

Following the UK's assessment results, Dave Worthington, Verco's Managing Director lead a panel discussion on Embodied Carbon along with experts from GRESB and IPF. The webinar includes:

  • An introduction by Dave Worthington.
  • Presentation by Anna Olink from GRESB on the 2022 Benchmark Results for Europe and the UK.
  • Panel discussion on Embodied Carbon lead by Dave Worthington and industry experts:

Victor Fonseca from GRESB

Matthew Collins from RICS

Brett Ormrod from La Salle

  • Q&A session with all speakers.
  • Webinar summary with Dave Worthington.

Watch the webinar:

Our next webinar: Embodied carbon within real estate is on January 19th at 2pm.

Members of the Verco Real Estate team will present a webinar to help you understand and assess embodied carbon within your business. They will provide an overview of embodied carbon, guide you through the calculation developments and methodologies and help you get to grips with current market updates.

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