Joint webinar with GRESB & IPF: 2022 GRESB Regional Insights: United Kingdom

As part of the 2022 GRESB Regional Insights, we are delighted to be co-hosting a webinar on the UK Real Estate results alongside GRESB & IPF. The webinar will also include a panel discussion on Embodied Carbon.

With this year's GRESB results now out, this joint webinar between Verco, GRESB and IPF will be a great opportunity to hear more on the UK's regional insights. Shared knowledge on aggregate performance, a dive into insights from the benchmarks, and emerging trends will all be discussed.

Following the UK's assessment results, Dave Worthington, Verco's Managing Director will lead a panel discussion on Embodied Carbon along with experts from GRESB and IPF.

Join the webinar: 2022 GRESB Regional Insights: United Kingdom

On: 1st December

At: 2:00PM - 3:00PM GMT

The event with be chaired by Verco and will include:

  • An introduction by Dave Worthington.
  • Presentation by GRESB on the 2022 Benchmark Results for Europe and the UK.
  • Panel discussion on Embodied Carbon lead by Dave Worthington and industry experts on the topic.

  • Q&A session with all speakers.
  • Webinar summary with Dave Worthington.

A recording will be sent to those who register but are unable to make it on the day.

Register for the webinar here