Software for zero

Collecting and utilising data is a critical component of any carbon and energy management plan. Our software has been built with the specific purpose of supporting your net zero journey, helping you to reduce consumption, carbon and costs.

We offer a fully integrated, modular approach which connects strategy, delivery and reporting. Watch the initial walkthrough videos of two of our software solutions, Carbon Desktop and Reduct to get a feel for what they can do for you:

Carbon Desktop

Our enterprise level energy management and reporting platform gives users at different levels of an organisation an automated view of their utility consumption, waste, carbon and costs. It simplifies group-wide reporting and provides the basis for driving improvement initiatives. Watch a walkthrough video of this market-leading product which enables:

  • Data collection from a wide range of available sources.
  • Site and group level energy and utilities performance tracking.
  • Opportunities management to quantify delivered savings.
  • Customisable reports and outputs for easy integration.

Watch the Carbon Desktop demo video


This is our recently launched, A.I driven energy management and optimisation software. It automatically identifies opportunities for system improvement so your site teams don't need to do any time-consuming data analysis and interpretation. See a demo of Reduct in action, the dashboards and reporting outputs which:

  • Use high frequency, real time data.
  • Capture detailed systems level data.
  • Utilise machine learning and pattern recognition technology.
  • Reduce workload and human effort.

Watch the Reduct demo video