Verco shortlisted for the Energy Institute Awards 2022 along with partner client CCL Secure!

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted, in partnership with our client, CCL Secure, for the Energy Management Award with the Energy Institute! This is for well- deserved recognition of impressive carbon reduction achievements by CCL Secure’s UK operations in Wigton made with the help of the Verco Deliver for Zero team.

CCL Secure’s comprehensive and truly collaborative sustainability project has already achieved a reduction of 26% in CO2 emissions, 31% in energy and 40% in water per tonne of product vs. the 2018 baseline, whilst adding to the bottom line and engaging the value chain.

This has been achieved with a multi-point approach, with successful engagement of stakeholders within the organisation as well as up and down the value chain. The approach included:

  • Comprehensive materiality assessment
  • Clearly defined operational strategy
  • Tackling scope 3 emissions
  • Demand reduction

Thanos Patsos, Head of Deliver for Zero Corporates at Verco says:

“We are delighted that CCL secure have been recognised for their carbon and energy consumption reduction achievements to date. They have demonstrated the impressive results that can be generated through hard work, collaboration and a solid approach in working towards net zero.”

Gary Frizell, Engineering and Sustainability Manager, CCL Secure UK, England comments:

“We have successfully engaged the entire business and value chain on the sustainability journey. We are very proud of our results so far and looking forward to further great achievements with our continued net zero focus.”

CCL Secure are the world’s leading polymer currency experts, they have been producing world-class polymer banknotes since their first production in 1988. CCL Secure have world-class research and production sites in the UK, Australia and Mexico. The UK plant is situated at Wigton, Cumbria.

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