Verco supports the UK Business Group Alliance for Net Zero (BGA)

Verco joins 80 UK businesses to urge Prime Minister Boris Johnson to deliver coherent climate strategy

In countdown to COP26 With just over 40 days until the UN climate summit, Verco joins 80 UK businesses, including BT, Coca-Cola, Tesco, Anglian Water, JLL, Santander, Unilever, ScottishPower, the Co-op and Heathrow in calling on Boris Johnson to show strong domestic leadership that can help deliver global progress on climate change.

As hosts of November’s UN climate summit, the UK is being urged to seize opportunities to demonstrate its commitment to addressing the climate-nature crisis in the context of the IPCC’s warning that we have entered a ‘code red for humanity’.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Verco and 80 other businesses set out their support for climate action and highlight the need for the UK Government to lay out a coherent, integrated and Treasury-supported Net Zero Strategy. It urges the Prime Minister to align economic and fiscal policy with its decarbonisation strategy in order to build confidence for businesses to act at speed and scale, while sending a clear message to the world that the UK is taking a concerted leadership position on climate change.

The letter states:

“A successful summit that achieves the UK Presidency’s goals requires strong UK leadership combining effective diplomacy with credible outcomes, including international solidarity with countries lacking the resources to tackle these challenges alone. “The countdown to COP26 gives you a limited window to show such leadership. You must seize key opportunities like the upcoming Net Zero Strategy. To get results across the economy, this strategy will need strong support from HM Treasury through the Net Zero and Comprehensive Spending Reviews. You will also need to align other government policies and action across transport, housing, our natural environment and our international aid budget. “As businesses invested in the future of the UK, we know these steps can deliver long-term benefits for people, nature and climate. We call for an ambitious strategy from government with a clear timetable, detailed policy measures, market mechanisms and messaging on a sector-by-sector basis.”

The letter, coordinated by the UK Business Group Alliance for Net Zero (BGA), also warns that the UK Government’s failure to act decisively on climate change will carry much greater risks and costs.

Beverley Cornaby, Chair of the BGA and policy lead for CLG UK said:

“The time is now to align climate action with the scale of the climate impacts taking place all over the world. The COP26 Summit in Glasgow has the potential to deliver a step change in global action to reset and retool our economies. We need to see strong UK leadership built on a foundation of credible domestic action to carry the COP to a successful outcome.

Dave Worthington, Managing Director, Verco said:

“Verco is a mission driven business. We are proud to be a signatory of the letter coordinated by the UK Business Group Alliance for Net Zero (BGA). We support strong leadership from the UK Government and ambitious domestic climate action ahead of COP26.”

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