Webinar: Putting your site net zero plan into action

If your business has set net zero targets and the strategy to achieve them is defined, it's now time to put your plan into action and get the job done!

Many of our clients are achieving impressive carbon reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions, working in collaboration with the Verco engineers to optimise site performance and reach their net zero milestones. Head of Deliver for zero, Thanos Patsos is presenting a webinar to help you begin implementation.

Watch our webinar: Putting your site net zero plan into action.

From extensive experience of working on implementation projects with a range of manufacturing clients, Thanos discusses how you can approach delivery of your net zero goals. He focuses on three key areas that need consideration and planning:

  • Resources- What you will need to implement the plan, and what the key considerations are.
  • Methods- How to break down the workstreams to ensure focussed delivery.
  • Phasing- How to plan the stages for the best outcomes and when to start.

This webinar has already taken place but you can watch a recording here:

Watch the webinar