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The world is changing

The transition to a zero carbon economy requires an evolution in ESG reporting. Reporting needs to be tailored to real estate, comprehensive, faster and more automated, building the foundations for predictive analysis.  

This type of best-in-class reporting allows businesses to truly understand their environmental impact, identify issues and take targeted action to address them, as well as comply with legislation. Our Report for zero service is designed to meet these needs.

Benefits of reporting for zero

  • 1Integrated

    Report for zero is seamlessly integrated with client operations and done against the backdrop of our delivery expertise and strategic advice.  This drives effective and informed decision-making on your path to net zero.

  • 2Innovative

    We are an industry leader in environmental reporting. We constantly innovate for better data insight at reduced costs.  

  • 3Confidence

    Predict and verify savings made when action is taken. Ongoing forecasting and our strategic expertise supports confident, long-term strategic decision making.

  • 4Automated

    Automated reporting that is integrated with your existing systems allows focus to shift onto net zero, insights, and direct action.

  • 5Compliance

    Comply with all necessary regulations; we advise government and are technical experts for a comprehensive variety of mandatory and voluntary schemes.

  • 6Technology agnostic

    We are constantly looking for the best technology solutions to enable our clients to report in the way that is best for them.  We trial and collaborate with a variety of providers to ensure that you are recommended the best service.

How we help

Report for zero allows you to understand the performance of your portfolio, track your progress against commitments, identify opportunities for reducing your environmental impact, and ensure that reporting effectively communicates your success to the appropriate target audiences.  

We have a range of approaches for improving environmental reporting or improving existing processes.

This flexible service might include

ESG data and reporting partner which removes the reporting burden from your team so they can focus on the value and performance of your property portfolio.  We can help you to meet reporting requirements including SECR, EU Taxonomy, SFDR and TCFD. Find out more about the service here.

Fully customisable, dynamic reports using insightful analytics so you can easily present your data, tailored to stakeholder type- from sustainability teams to investors, fund managers or executives. We partner with industry-leading software platform Envizi and create bespoke data visualisation and reporting dashboards using Power BI. 

GRESB support for a pain-free GRESB submission which ensures your score gives your achievements the recognition they deserve.  Find out more about our GRESB service here.

Capacity building. The demands of a net zero programme can represent a significant change in responsibilities for property managers and introduce new training needs. Our specialist advisors, experienced in stakeholder engagement and using intuitive guides, instructional videos, and user interfaces will help your teams to make this transition and build capacity and efficient processes.

Identifying performance trends and anomalies using advanced analytics and our experienced technical experts.

Our Expertise

Case studies

Global Real Estate Investment Manager 2

Global Real Estate Investment Manager 2

Verco gathers data from over 30 stakeholders and reports under mandatory and voluntary initiatives including REEB, GRESB, CRC and INREV.

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Designer Outlets

Designer Outlets

Verco provides a clear, high-level roadmap for achieving the business’s net zero goals, including a list of key focus areas and an action plan outlining recommended changes to policies and processes to mobilise strategy.

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