Posted by Andrew Todd

Act now! IHRS Government funding

The Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme has now been launched. The programme will provide matched funding for feasibility studies and the capital cost of implementing industrial heat recovery projects in England and Wales. Industries with significant heating and/ or cooling processes are likely to be good candidates for funding.

Early players will have an advantage.

There is a rolling programme of application windows for both feasibility studies and capital assistance. The allocation of funding has been front loaded which means early applicants will be giving themselves the best chance of success. Over 70% of the funding available for feasibility studies has been allocated to the first application window, closing 28th December 2018.

Click here for further information about the application process, assessment criteria and tips for securing funding.

We have a wealth of experience in heat mapping, process optimisation and industrial heat recovery as well as the sourcing of Government grants. To discuss how Verco can support you in applying for funding and developing your heat recovery project, please contact us.