Verco partners with EMCOR UK to help customers achieve net zero carbon status

Verco has partnered with EMCOR UK, a leading provider of facilities, asset and workplace management services, to provide Route Zero, a tailored approach for customers to achieve net zero.

Route Zero starts with an analysis of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from across a customer’s buildings and workplace. Also analysed is a measurement of scope 1,2 and 3 carbon emissions across all aspects of operation, including facilities, buildings, HVAC and infrastructure. Next, a baseline is set which enables EMCOR UK and Verco to create a strategy that’s aligned to each customer’s business and operational requirements and carbon reduction targets – helping to ensure compliance with all regulatory standards and deliver a reduction in carbon emissions.

Through Route Zero, customers will have a strategy for energy efficiency and carbon reduction which will help them reduce operating costs and positively impact the environment.

Route Zero supports the UK Government’s Net Zero carbon targets and is fully aligned to both the Paris Agreement and UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Dave Worthington, Managing Director of Verco, said: “We are delighted to have formed this strategic partnership with EMCOR UK, combining the expertise of our two organisations to achieve greater impact on global carbon emissions.”

Keith Chanter, CEO of EMCOR UK, said: “Through this partnership, we are aligning our analytics expertise with our capabilities in facilities, asset management and engineering solutions and together with Verco we can create the optimal strategic mix to deliver real and lasting sustainable impact to our customers.”

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