Join our webinar: An introduction to TCFD and how to approach it for business benefit

Reporting on the recommendations of the Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is already mandatory for UK Premium listed companies. Most other large UK based companies with more than 500 employees and a turnover of £500m are required to follow the TCFD recommendations for accounting periods starting after 6th April 2022.

The TCFD was created in 2015 by the financial stability board. They have developed a set of guidelines and a reporting framework for companies to make climate related financial disclosures. They also set out recommendations to help companies identify and share the risks and opportunities they face as a result of climate change.

Webinar: An introduction to TCFD and how to approach it for business benefit.

The Verco TCFD experts have helped many of our clients to comply with this regulation. The live webinar has already taken place but you can watch it on demand:

  • Hear our general introduction to TCFD- for those who are new to the initiative or want an up-to-date recap.
  • You will see the sort of analysis you need to be doing in order to become compliant with the new regulation, as well as how to approach it.
  • Understand how you can integrate TCFD into your net zero transition plans and how it can be used to your business advantage.
  • Get a good feel for how TCFD fits with other disclosure and how you can make your mandatory reporting as efficient as possible.

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