Net zero scorecard and pro-tips

Are you unsure about your position on your net zero journey or know you need to take action, but not clear about what that should be? This online tool is for you!

Use our free, online, diagnostic tool to get an instant output on your net zero position across 6 key measures, along with tailored pro-tips for your next steps.

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Verco helps businesses develop net zero pathways and we translate them to on-the-ground action. We have launched this tool which you can do yourself to get an instant output on you net zero position across the key measures of:

  • Data management and analysis
  • Governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Targets and strategy
  • Culture, knowledge, capability and skills
  • Implementation
  • External engagement and communication

Along with a shareable report, you will also get tailored expert tips on how to approach the next steps for each area. This is practical, actionable advice that you can progress yourself. The questionnaire will take just a few minutes to complete, so give it a try!

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