Verco and Pilgrim’s UK speaking at Energy Efficiency Conference

On 19th January the annual Energy Efficiency Conference will take place in London and streamed online. Senior leaders from a variety of industries will present the latest in technology, data & digital, process & behaviour, and strategy. The Conference this year will be focusing on 'Lessons Learned - An Informed Future for Energy'.

The event will host those facing some of the greatest challenges and changes in the world of energy; and those on the ground, making the transition to a more secure, sustainable and affordable energy future.

During the technology, data, & digital session, Athanasios Patsos, Head of Deliver for Zero here at Verco, and Matt Dight, Head of Sustainability at Pilgrim's UK, will present a Pilgrim's Case Study: Use of data driving behavioural change across the organisation at a leading UK food manufacturer.

We have been working with Pilgrim's for over 10 years across 15 UK food production facilities. Verco’s support includes the provision of our energy management software package Carbon Desktop accompanied by our technical consulting support. This conference is a great opportunity to showcase what our energy management software and expertise can deliver for an organisation.

There are a whole host of other speakers during the conference all of which will be utilising real-world examples of effective energy management, offering tangible guidance in the areas of technology, data & digital, process & behaviour, and strategy.

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